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  • Drive the scraper hydraulic valves automatically to move the optimal amount of dirt across your fields.

  • Level your fields using any make and model of tractor and scraper.

  • Operate both tandem and dual scraper systems to increase your productivity when leveling your fields

The Trimble® FieldLevel™ II system streamlines the surveying, designing, and leveling steps required for land leveling projects. It also provides two methods for installing rice levees. FieldLevel II helps ensure optimal water management by providing improvements in yields, water usage, and farm productivity.

We can use GPS to  survey the existing contours of your fields to create designs to level or drain fields. By using this technology you can save thousands on earthworks costs by only shifting the soil required and using some of the natural water courses to shift water from your field.

We can also create designs to use field level on construction jobs.

FieldLevel 2

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